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Our Favorite Friends

Cornstarch Fairies
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We are the Fairies of Cornstarch!

An excerpt from CORNSTARCHFAMILY by Meghan B. Harrington:

"One's name was Teeny, full of sugar and spice
She was beautiful, funny, and the boys she'd entice
She was talented, energetic, as creative as they come
She flashed the girls her boobs, and to that they said 'yum!'

One's name was Holly, who was sweet and smelled good
She giggled, chuckled, and laughed all she could
She was determined to be Mrs. Thomas Brady
But would've been happy with Josh, on a datey

One's name was Stephanie, who was skinny and fun
She liked country music and warm days in the sun
She sang, and laughed, and exuded love
She enjoyed peace and serenity, just like a dove

One's name was Anna who excelled at dance
She leaped and jumped and did a little prance
Her house was definitely the group's H.Q.
Her brother walked in on them watching people screw

One's name was Laura, who was sweet and pure
For a living, twas the sick she wanted to cure
She sang like an an angel sent down from heaven
And her boyfriend's name was Chris, not Devon

One's name was Becky, she was authentic as ever
When it came to style, she was original and clever
She had a wholesome heart and a desire to please all
Her heart and her brain were far from small"

[And then, there was Meghan, the beautiful queen
She made us laugh till we were sore in the spleen
Always there to listen or advise
She judges no one with her bright, loving eyes]

"Separately they're amazing, smart, and fun
But really, they like to be looked at as one
The next special they watch might be naked chef
And they'll watch it together, all seven, C.S.F."